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It all started when...

... in 2010, among with my two sisters, I've created a blog, named Tudo Orna. Since then, we've been creating content about the world of aesthetics and style. After a while, the blog became big gathering almost 1M followers over social media and, since then, I've been speaking about strategy communication and how a media ended up with the creation of at least 4 more brands.

I've graduated in Design at UTFPR in Brazil and spent one year studying Fashion Design at Savannah College of Art in Design - USA. During this time, I felt in love with art direction, trends and forecasting and potography.

Early in 2014 I've started my own accessories brand designed in Curitiba, ORNA, followed by the cosmetics brand ORNA Makeup and our first physical adventure, our coffee shop named ORNA Cafe.

In 2017, we've created our online Entrepreneurship and Digital Branding classes, Efeito Orna.

I like to call myself a restless mind, always thinking about the next project, creation and how I can make the difference in this world.

Give me a problem and I'll solve it for you.

Thank you for reading and feel free to reach me out!


Julia Alcantara